Monday, May 10, 2010

2 Fires in the Same Apartment Complex

April 7 proved to be a busy day for Richmond Fire and Emergency Services with 2 fires in the same block only hours apart. The first call was at 16:47, Q-22, Q-21, Q-23, Q-20, Rescue 3, Safety 2 and BC-3 responded to the 3700 block of Guilder lane for a reported apartment fire. Q-22 arrived on scene and established command with smoke showing from a 2 story apartment building. Q-22 entered the structure and discovered fire on the second floor and in the attic of the apartment. Q-21 secured a secondary hydrant and was assigned as the Truck Company while Q-23 checked one of the exposure apartments.  Rescue 3 and Q-23 personnel removed a bed ridden female from an exposure apartment.  The female was assessed by the Richmond Ambulance Authority and did not need to be transported. The fire was marked under control at 17:10. The Red Cross was called to assist a total of 10 people.

While Q-22 was waiting for the Red Cross to assist the families affected by the first fire, they were alerted to a fire in the next set of apartments some 100 feet away from the first fire. The same units were dispatched to the second apartment fire at 18:39. Battalion 3 arrived on location with smoke showing. The fire was marked under control at 6:55 p.m. Both fires were ruled accidental.

In both fires, a contractor was on location doing some type of repair work were combustible material was ignited.